9 - 12 April 2024 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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Here you will find all exhibitor press releases of PaintExpo. The overview is continuously supplemented.

Exhibitor Press Release

31/01/2022 coatmaster AG Non-contact coating thickness measurement for process control in production Continue reading
31/01/2022 Colux GmbH Luminescent Paints for Safety Continue reading
31/01/2022 Cabycal Self-learning painting robots Continue reading
31/01/2022 CONDOROIL CHEMICAL S.r.l. CRONO TB is the name of CONDOROIL’s tubular cell Continue reading
31/01/2022 Convergent Information Technologies GmbH Automated paint repair with robots Continue reading
31/01/2022 CryoSnow GmbH  CO2 snow cleaning - small and powerful Continue reading
29/01/2022 Elcrom Srl and Arsonsisi s.p.a. Industrial Tinting System GEMINI System, the colour evolution by Arsonsisi. Continue reading
29/01/2022 Eratec Eratec metal fibre gas emitters for coating lines - Increase productivity and control energy costs. Continue reading
29/01/2022 EUROSIDER SAS DI MILLI OTTAVIO & C. NitrothermSpray - Polifluid Continue reading
29/01/2022 Eurospray Spray and Filter Technology SL Custom-made risers and quick-release nozzle assemblies Continue reading
27/01/2022 GCRP Services Air Shower Continue reading
27/01/2022 Gema Switzerland GmbH OptiFlex® Pro - Power - Quality - Control Continue reading
27/01/2022 Gema Switzerland GmbH Dynamic Contour Detection - 2nd Generation Continue reading
27/01/2022 Gema Switzerland GmbH OptiCenter® All-in-One - The first powder center that combines electrostatics and powder feeding Continue reading