14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

15/01/2024 PaintExpo


2 in 1 smart solution for an affordable anodizing in minimum space

ANODIKIT® Zone is a new compact anodizing line that was developed by Alsan as an affordable solution to all those companies reluctant to install a traditional anodizing line in their factories while also meeting all Qualanod quality requirements. This installation only requires 200-250 sqm of space because of its revolutionary concept and is completely made of plastic and glass fibre. With just 4 tanks, for natural version, it is designed to provide high service quality and cope with production rhythms that are not very high, such as order changes, small colour runs, or overnight orders. The key element that differentiates this line from traditional ones is that surface finishing is achieved by means of a spraying system. In fact, this is what makes it possible to “compact” the process and reduce the space required for the line, that is, the number of tanks required as well as their volume. This means that ANODIKIT® Zone concept saves a minimum of six tanks for pretreatment stages which are all done in just one tank. Another key difference with traditional lines, and also one of Alsan’s patented elements, is the rotative frame used that, with its movement, allows that all profile faces can receive a homogenous application throughout the different treatment stages. The loading system is completely different from that of a traditional anodising system, because the finishing product is sprayed during almost the entire process in order to achieve the same finishing quality as a standard plant. Line automation is controlled by AluZone software, which continuously and automatically collects more than 200 variables, controlling all required parameters. The concept for this compact anodising plant, unique in the world and patented in 2020 by Alsan, is available in three versions: Natural anodized finish (with just four tanks). Coloured finish (with an electrocolouring tank). Qualanod-certified finish (including an ageing bath).

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