14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

15/01/2024 PaintExpo



The concept proposed by Ecoline is to use a number of patented, innovative solutions and modern technologies. The result of our R&D projects are four original patents, including a modular robotic powder coating booth. Combining the proper robot with an innovative coating booth, allows for maximum optimization and cost savings. Our dielectric booth, thanks to its sandwich-type layered wall structure, allows for fast powder removal. It was designed based on the main principles of aerodynamics, allowing better suction of excess of powder that has not settled on the details. The absorption system is a simple mechanism, but extremely effective, built with a connection channel and a cyclone of very high efficiency. The vertical detail reading system, located in the booth, provides full automation of powder application management. Special manipulators and oscillators, equipped with a digital system, control the working stroke, with an accuracy of up to one centimeter. The use of a robot in the powder coating process brings many advantages to the production process. It allows to replace the manual coating system, increasing the quality and repeatability of the coating, reducing working time and powder consumption, but above all, reduces the edge effect and guarantees better final result. The use of a dielectric booth with a powder coating robot has allowed our customers to achieve concrete benefits in their businesses. The work improvement, with increased efficiency, and optimalization of production has been observed. The quality of coated parts and the repeatability of the coating process have been significantly improved. The maximum optimization of equipment production capacity and working time, as well as the minimization of the powder waste, allowed a real reduction in the cost of manufactured elements. The robotized powder coating system was awarded by the “INNOVATOR PODKARPACIA 2022” for its unique technological thought and solution at a high world standard.

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