14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

29/01/2024 PaintExpo



"CUSTOM DESIGN COLOR WALL" FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS EASY - MODULAR - DYNAMIC - HANDY - LIGHT - AESTHETIC - MOBILE COLOR WALL SYSTEM As ModeColors, we are primarily a producer of powder or liqued coated color cards, fandecks, color chip charts, color pieces, product displays, color swatches, color system product samples, private sales & marketing kits for companies who need to present their color ranges/collections at their existing markets. With a different color wall system for each segment, it is possible to create special solutions in different numbers of colors, in different sizes, and in which different messages are conveyed. * Architectural * General Industry * Domestic Appliances * Trade Coaters * Furniture * Automotive * Functional * Special Product Lines Your customer's satisfaction level will increase after this investment to be made in his own business. Displaying color alternatives in the customer's showroom will help them make more value-added sales in terms of product and color variety. The customer's value-added sales will mean the sale of products with a high average price in terms of paint. * Assembly or disassembly max. 20 minutes. * Special Led Frame Lighting System * It is designed to be easily hung from only 8 places with dowels and screws. * You can hang it anywhere you want and easily change places later. * You can easily take it to the fairs or conferences you will attend and bring it back. With the 100% lamination label system, you will have the opportunity to present a much more professional and stylish color as the powder coaiting particles behind the panel are closed. * Suitable to hang 100 panels of the same color on each hanger. Totally 10.000 coated aluminum panels. * Width and length dimensions of all color walls may vary. * The skeleton’s color of the Color Wall can be painted with any color and powder coating technology you wish. * The number of hangers and their spacing can be changed as you wish - at any time.

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