14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

18/01/2024 PaintExpo

One Garnet Group

OneGarnet -Blasting & Waterjet Cutting Abrasives - World's Largest Garnet Mine and Processing Plant.

OneGarnet -Blasting & Waterjet Cutting Abrasives - World's Largest Garnet Mine and Processing Plant. One Garnet Group specializes in mining, processing, and sales of industrial garnet abrasives. As a leading abrasive producer in waterjet cutting and surface preparation industry, OneGarnet possess premium hard rock almandine garnet mines with determined reserves of over 140 million tonnes. OneGarnet is an Almandine Garnet with superior hardness and toughness, after the processing of 4 times crushing, featuring sharp angular edges with excellent cutting ability. OneGarnet Blasting abrasive featuring with faster cutting speed, lower abrasive consumption, more cost-efficient and lower salt contamination compared to alluvial beach garnet. Sa3.0 White Metal effortlessly achieved. OneGarnet Waterjet Cutting abrasive featuring with consistent sizing, faster & more cost-efficient, higher cut quality, no oversized grains & no dust. OneGarnet also produces JadeCut blasting abrasive. JadeCut is a dark green and red ‘Garnet Blend’ of hard rock minerals with superior hardness, toughness and sharp angular edges. It can be achieved with Sa3.0 White Metal. JadeCut is free of heavy metals and no free silica, the price is about 65% of Garnet, JadeCut is a cost-effective alternative to copper slag because of its low consumption and high productivity. OneGarnet is equipped with a fully automated production line and strict quality control system to secure supply and consistent excellent quality. With an initial production capacity of 700,000 tpa of OneGarnet and 300,000 tpa of JadeCut, we will gradually increase to 2.8 million tpa of OneGarnet and 1.2 million tpa of JadeCut to meet market demand. One Garnet Group is establishing a global sales & service network as well as constructing garnet recycling factories. One Garnet Group, the new global leader in Garnet abrasives. For more informaiton , pleaese visit our website www.OneGarnet.com or email us at Sales@OneGarnet.com

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