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Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO)
A product of: BROFIND SPA
Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) are machines equipped with ceramic mass regenerative heat exchangers which allow for a high thermal efficiency thanks to their capability of quickly accumulating and yielding heat. This characteristic of theirs makes it possible to implement plants which yield up to 96%. The high heat recovery implemented by the correct sizing of the ceramic exchanger allow the plant to be self-sufficient, namely switching off the burner, which entails nullifying machine fuel consumption. The calorific value of the pollutant (VOC) present in the stream which burns in the combustion chamber therefore maintains the combustion temperature. Regenerative thermal oxidizers are configured based on their specific application and can be grouped as follows:
- Double chamber RTO, with optional compensation chamber;
- 3-5-7 chamber RTO, to be defined based on the flow rates of the process gas to be treated.

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