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Energy recovery & heat saving systems
A Produkt of: BROFIND SPA
We develop technologies and tailor-made applications aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while recovering heat or producing refrigeration units in simple and complex industrial cycles. When a common ecological consciousness developed, treatment plants were only requested to comply with standards, as regards the value of the residual pollutants in the emission stack. But from the get go, the problem of trying not to add further burdens to production costs became clear, linked to the management of the treatment systems themselves. Most of the players of this market therefore endeavoured to optimise existing technologies to reduce consumption. It's essential to acknowledge the limited nature of resources in order to understand that it is mandatory not to waste the useful provisions available in the various industrial processes.Brofind always studied its abatement, solid recovery and zero waste processes so as not to squander the useful provisions available.

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