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Rotor concentrator
A product of: BROFIND SPA
The rotor concentrator system is an auxiliary plant to the main emissions treatment systems, used where there are high flow rates and low concentrations of VOC to reduce the total energy consumption. The rotoconcentration technology can be generally applied when it is needed to purificate low VOC concentrations flows (up to 2,0 g/Nm³) or large airflows. In these cases, to optimise the plant operational costs, it is possible to concentrate the pollutants to be treated with the rotoconcentrator. It is very important to pay particular attention to the (often necessary) filtration of the gas effluent to be treated, as to avoid the concentration rotor clogging and adsorption efficiency reduction. For this purpose, a multistage filtration section is installed. In it, ensuring proper air speed reductions and the presence of proper filtering materials, the most of the dust is removed.

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