14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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Cerakote Performance Coatings / Prismatic Powders: over 6500 Powder Colors
A product of: PBN Coatings GmbH
As brand representative for NIC Industries, we at PBN Coatings GmbH cover a huge range of wishes and possibilities with our two products Cerakote Ceramic Coatings and Prismatic Powders.
Cerakote is the market leader in the field of thin-film Ceramic Polymer Protective Coatings and delivers a wide range of performance attributes, such as
- Heat resistance up to 1000°C
- UV resistance
- Extremely scratch resistant
- Chemical resistance
- ultra-thin layer thicknesses in the range of 10-40µm
- Can be applied without primer, adheres to almost any substrate
and many more...

In the field of powder coatings, we can offer a product with Prismatic Powders that leaves nothing to be desired! With our top coats, wrinkle, chrome and anodizing finishes, we offer the widest range of colours and textures in the world.
Possible structures are
- Chrome finish
- glazing
- Wrinkle finish
- Anodized tones
- Hammer finish
- Glitter and rainbow finish
and many more.


Mr. Simon Maurischat
PBN Coatings GmbH


PBN Coatings GmbH

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