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PC Pleat
A product of: Wiltec B.V.

Columbus PC Pleat

A perfect example of product innovation is modular filter changing with the Columbus PC Pleat. With these PC Pleat filters, companies are able to easily change the most paint-loaded filters of the spray booth. Moreover, the holding capacity of the PC Pleat is extremely high and it is the most ‘green’ filter in the market and therefore better for the environment. The filter is suitable for every paint shop and every type of lacquer or glue. With this solutions you are not only offering your customers quality improvements in the production process, but also ease of use and cost- and time savings!


Advantages modular changing:

Modular changing means that the filter wall is divided into small filters, who separately can be changed. With this method only the filters which are totally full are changed. This results in huge cost savings on filter materials. 

But the PC Pleat offers more. Besides the advantages of modular changing, the PC Pleat also offers the following advantages:

  • High holding capacity; less filter changes results into less production stops;
  • High efficiency; air channels stay clean which results in low maintenance costs and increases the lifetime of the installation;
  • Less energy costs through the optimal continuous air flow during the filter’s entire life span;
  • Ready-made and therefore directly useable; less waste of time.


You are welcome at our stand (Halle 3, stand 3418) and we are looking forward to explain you all new developments and possibilities.


Mr. Gijs Hendriks
Category & export manager Wiltec B.V.


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