14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Product Details

KABE React!ve

KABE REACT!VE® is the powder coating for non-metallic and heat-sensitive substrates.

The advanced KABE REACT!VE® powder coating technology is ideal for furniture where a high-quality, durable finish is

Our MDF coating represents a major advance in the design, development and planning of new furniture and fittings. It
can be used to coat components of almost any shape and size, together with 3D surfaces, edge profiles, cavities and
cut-outs. Its applications are almost unlimited.

The powder coating is completely seamless and covers every area of the item of furniture. It gives designers of furniture, interiors, fixtures and fittings a broad range of design options. To allow for max. creativity, it comes in a wide variety
of different colours.

The KABE REACT!VE® PES-75 range is non-hazardous
Reliable and user friendly
Seamless edges
Variety of design and colour options
Tough surface finish
High levels of productivity
Low environmental footprint
Good storage stability at ‹25°C


Mr. Marko Büttgen
KABE Pulverlack Deutschland GmbH - KABE Farben