14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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tim®ECO electrical piston pump
A product of: Timmer GmbH
Timmer presents new tim®ECO piston pump series at PaintExpo

Thanks to their compact design, the electric piston pumps can be easily integrated into existing systems. The fast reaction time during the acceleration process of the pump allows a reduction of the ring line pressure, thereby significantly minimising energy costs. The pump with a continuous flow rate of up to 10 litres per minute is a new addition to the range. Also new: the reduction from four to two grease cartridges and the use of Tri-Clamp instead of conventional threads in the area of the pump connections. In this way, the pump specialist minimises dead spaces and paint carry-over and thus the risk of contamination of the medium.

In addition to the tim®ECO piston pump series, Timmer will also be presenting established double diaphragm pumps from the tim®BOOST, tim®PRO and tim®CHEM series.

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