14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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GNW Modular Hanging System
A product of: Rostirolla S.R.L.
GNW (patent) is the system that Rostirolla developed to help customers who needed a versatile product: it could adapt to multiple product types (small parts or large pieces) without having to buy different frames which would most of the time not be economically advantageous . This solution can be applied to the well-tested P20/P25 columns as well as to the WW frames, very popular in the market, or to other solutions already in the customer's possession.
This combination allows you to increase the productivity of the system (decrease empty spaces), increase the speed of loading and unloading, improve the quality of the product (thinner mark, ideal positioning of the piece), reduce the need for paint stripping of the racks.


Mr. Pierluigi Rostirolla
Rostirolla S.R.L.


Rostirolla S.R.L.

Via Castellana 31
31050 Morgano

Tel.: +39 0422 731150

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