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Dehumidifier - Scheurusorb
Our continuously operating Scheurusorb dehumidifier for air and technical gases at atmospheric conditions is based on the chemo-physical behavior of highly hygroscopic agents to bind water vapor at low temperatures and release it again at high temperatures. Dew points of well below -20 °C can be achieved. At the heart of the device is a rotating honeycomb-like adsorption matrix with chemically bound silica gel. Two sealed air streams flow through the rotor. The gas or air flow to be dehumidified is passed through the rotor matrix and releases the moisture to the adsorbent. The regeneration sector is flushed with hot air, whereby the absorbed moisture is released again; as a side effect, permanent hygienization takes place. The large internal adsorption surface of the rotor ensures optimum dehumidification performance within minimal installation space.

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