14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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Solvent-free and environmentally friendly surface treatment with Openair-Plasma®
A product of: Plasmatreat GmbH
Plasma pretreatment is the key technology for microfine cleaning, surface activation, and plasma coating of practically any material.

Microfine cleaning with Openair-Plasma® safely and gently removes dust, grease, release agents, and additives from surfaces, e.g. metal or glass. On plastic surfaces, the introduction of oxygen- and nitrogen-containing groupings into e.g. mostly non-polar materials leads to an increase in surface energy and is referred to as activation. This optimizes the wettability of the surface, allowing for a significant increase in the surface’s adhesive properties.

By treating the surface with Openair-Plasma®, we ensure that the adhesive bond – of paint to surfaces – is stable and long-lasting. Plasma treatment is an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to other pretreatment processes that eliminate the need for solvent-based primers.

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