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CEA Clean Exhaust Air
A product of: Oxytec AG
The exhaust air system is designed for exhaust air purification in industry. The air purification process of this system takes place in three steps and thus effectively reduces VOCs/total C, formaldehyde, H2S, odours and grease in the industrial exhaust air.

The system complies with all official requirements in accordance with TA Luft (total C, formaldehyde, aromatics, mercaptans, odour limits).

Function: 1. splitting of long-chain compounds by UV light (photolysis) into radical compounds. 2. formation of ozone and hydroxyl radicals and their decomposition products. 3. reaction of the ozone with the decomposed compounds (oxidation) in the subsequent reaction path.

A high penetration depth of the UV light and thus optimum utilisation of the radiation output is achieved by cross-flow of the exhaust air in the irradiation chamber.

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