14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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ONSYSTEM OEM / TIER 1 Hybrid Polishsystem 4.0 Serie
A product of: ONSYSTEM technic GmbH
ONSYSTEM high-end grinding and polishing system for all OEM and TIER 1 applications worldwide.

With the modern ONSYSTEM modular system consisting of a selection of abrasives, polishes, pads and machines as well as all accessories, this system allows you to quickly and efficiently combine processes individually for any requirement.

The fastest possible process development and optimization for all requirements for grinding and polishing solutions worldwide at the highest level.

The best polishing system in the world.


Mr. Karsten Oesterheld
ONSYSTEM technic GmbH


ONSYSTEM technic GmbH

Roggenstraße 8
71334 Waiblingen

Tel.: +49 7151 9818666
Fax: +49 7151 9818670

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