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Heat Cleaning Oven
A product of: Mep Teknik
It is the process of cleaning the paint by heat treatment or separating it into carbons by heating the paint in a low oxygen environment. Briefly, it is the process of separating the paint from organic and inorganic bonds.
It is a widely applied method for cleaning Powder Coating and Liquid Painting without using chemicals, coated on metal parts such as hangers, hooks, bars etc. used in painting plants.

Differences from other cleaning methods;
Heat Cleaning Oven cleaning method provides advantages in terms of initial investment costs and operating expenses,  while not harmful to the environment.

In a flameless and low oxygen environment, cleaning is performed by separating organic and inorganic chemical bonds in the paint by heating method. Therefore, hangers, hooks, bars and wrongly painted metal parts used in paint plants are cleaned without any damage.
Since the cleaning process is carried out without using chemicals, the amount of environmental waste is at its minimum level.


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