14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Product Details

Eco-Air: Italian technology in the world
A product of: Linea Eco - Air S.r.l.
Linea ECO-AIR is an Italian company active since 1984 in the design, production and installation of automatic and manual coating booths; vertical and semi-vertical oven booths for car, bus, truck, train, and aeroplane bodies; manual and automatic industrial liquid or powder coating plants; air filtration and purification systems; and cataphoresis and anaphoresis plants.

Our company is capable, in a very short technical times, of designing any kind of plant with astonishing innovations and savings. Inventiveness and an extraordinarily skilled technical and sales staff combined to turn an extrovert inventor into a company ready to cross any frontier.

Linea Eco Air is the first and today only in the world to use mostly of own solutions the material of future: ALUMINIUM.


Mr. Gianfranco Soliani
Linea Eco - Air S.r.l.