14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Product Details

Konica Minolta CF-300 - CF-300 Spectrophotometer for precise, non-contact and fast colour measurement
The CF-300 benchtop spectrophotometer has been specifically designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing and is capable of non-contact colour measurements up to 5 times per second. With the CF-300, both laboratory and production teams can measure and control colour and colour differences even on tiny parts. The CF-300 is a unique solution that can measure very small areas with high precision and speed. The high-speed non-contact measurement capability is a significant advantage for:

High-speed production lines that could be scratched by contact with an instrument
Products that need to maintain a constant position during processing
Products that are powdery or sticky at the stage where measurement is required
Products such as small parts, e.g. in button size


Mr. Christian Olbrich
Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V. NL Deutschland