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Paint drying: Discover how you may substantially improve your energy balance, your process and the quality of your product: Airgenex®food belt dryer with integrated heat pump. Reliability included.
A product of: Harter GmbH
Airgenex® is based on our highly efficient drying technology. Following an alternative physical approach, it features a set of qualities including low temperatures, low energy consumption and high process reliability. Our dryers dehumidify within a defined temperature range of 20 °C to 75 °C. This is done using extremely dry process air and customized air routeing. Our customers can thus achieve quality drying results. Paint coated surfaces dry from the inside out in a uniform way. Cracking and cratering are a thing of the past. The heat pump technology integrated in each dryer makes the dehumidification process highly efficient. Drying always takes place in a system that is closed in terms of air and energy, and is thus completely independent of the climate. Harter dryers with integrated heat pump were classified as future fit technology in 2017. Our customers may thus enjoy government subsidy.

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