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VACUDEST ZLD - For the wastewater-free production of tomorrow
A product of: H2O GmbH
By using our evaporator technology, our customers already reduce the amount of wastewater produced by up to 95% and the disposal costs by up to 70%. On the one hand, this reduces your costs and on the other hand, you make an important contribution to a sustainable environment.

However, the remaining residual water content of the residue can make complete disposal difficult. To avoid this, the post-concentrator VACUDEST ZLD is installed after the wastewater treatment with our VACUDEST vacuum evaporators.

Large amounts of energy are required for a downstream volume reduction due to high intermolecular interactions. Due to the salts and emulsified oils dissolved in the water, the vapour pressure is reduced during the concentration process, which is associated with an increase in the boiling point. A further difficulty lies in the increasingly lower heat transfer rates, which means that large surfaces are required for heat transfer. Here, the VACUDEST ZLD technology offers the solution.

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