14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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GRÖNODUR 2K-SHS Acrylic Fast Cure single-layer / Energy-Saving Varnish
• Increase profitability

o Fast packaging/assembly strength

o n. 1h tack-free

o n. 2h ready for assembly

o n. 4h very high load capacity according to DIN EN ISO 9117-5-2012-11 (dryness level 7)

• Reduction of bottlenecks

o Cost savings through faster throughput

o faster further processing

• Dry at room temperature instead of in the oven

o high energy savings

Dry at significantly lower temperatures

o high impact on performance/costs of the coating line


Mr. Hans-Josef Wolf
Grönenbacher Lackfabrik Gropper + Viandt GmbH


Grönenbacher Lackfabrik Gropper + Viandt GmbH

Hinter den Gärten 5
87730 Bad Grönenbach

Tel.: +49 8334 98460

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