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Powder coating systems
A product of: Eurotherm S.p.A.
We are able to offer a variety of solutions, from manual to fully automatic systems, based on the technological process and production rate required.

Our systems are designed to effectively contribute to:
· Ensuring superior management flexibility.
· Ensuring high energy savings.
· Reducing waste.
· Better quality and safety in the working environment.
· Respecting for the environment.

Manual powder coating systems
It is an ideal type of system for small batches and for numerous colour changes.

The advantages of these type of systems are:
· The possibility to process small batches of different sizes and different colours at the same time.
· Energy saving; the machines are only turned on during their actual use.
· Superior flexibility in the management of work cycles which can be highly customisable by the operators.

Automatic powder coating systems
They are designed for large-scale production. In fact, they integrate with the need to paint large batches without numerous colour changes.


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