14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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How to increase sustainability of the curing of powder coating on metal parts in continuous lines: the combi oven of Eratec
A product of: ERATEC SARL

Curing ovens are energy intensive steps in powder coating lines. 

The combi oven of Eratec does change this equipment drastically.  Using infrared radiation in the first zone of the oven to heat up the products to the desired curing temperature instead of relying on the long traditional convection oven has a big impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the oven.  Once the parts have reached the curing temperature, typically 160-180°C, reached within on average 2 minutes with infrared emitters, only the heat losses of the subsequent convection oven need to be covered during the holding time. Recycling the hot flue gasses of gas fired infrared emitters further reduces the energy requirements of the oven.

This combi oven increases the sustainability of powder coating lines heavily.  This is the focus item of Eratec for the upcoming Paintexpo in Karlsruhe this year.

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