14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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E-Cube Generation 2 leads to a cost reduction of 50%
A product of: Eisenmann GmbH
Overspray is usually unavoidable when spray painting. To capture and dispose of this overspray, the reliable dry separation system E-Cube has proven itself over many years. Sophisticated filter technology separates the paint mist from the air without chemicals, water or other additives. The cube-shaped filters consist of more than 80 % recycled material and are energy and resource-saving and easy to dispose of.

The 2nd generation E-Cube reduces the CO2 footprint and saves energy. Optimized filter architecture has reduced the pressure loss of the filter while increasing its capacity. An adaptation of the filter media enables the separation of ALL paints used with ONE standard E-Cube This reduces the costs for the operator by up to 50 %.

With the reusable filter RE-Cube, we are launching a regenerative separation system on the market that further improves the ecological balance. Existing systems with Venturi wet scrubbing can be easily converted to E-Cube.


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