14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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Ocean™ Light Simulator is ray tracing software. It uses the laws of geometric optics to calculate the light emitted in a 3D scene, generating physically true, predictive virtual images for engineering applications. CIE 171:2006 standard.

Lighting Simulation: High-precision calculations, tailored for coatings industry. Advanced algorithms to make efficient use of memory and handles fully detailed multi-million polygon CAD models.

Colour prediction: Our polarised, full-spectrum lighting algorithm ensures the highest accuracy in simulations. Calculate material-light interactions, preserving critical information affecting the final product colour.

Complex materials & light sources: Represent a wide range of surfaces and light sources using your laboratory measurements, enabling accurate analysis of metallic car paints, colour-shifting coatings or complex components.

Features: Full spectrall calculations, Exact solution of geometric optics, Light Polarisation, Photometry & Radiometry...

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Mr. PhD Louis Dellieu
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