14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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DECORRDAL Thinfilm-Technology
Our resource-efficient DECORRDAL thin-film technology sets standards in the pretreatment industry. It is the key to designing environmentally conscious and sustainable pretreatment. Customers rely on our proven expertise in pretreatment and our support in achieving their sustainability goals.

Our environmentally friendly thin film technology offers cost-effective, phosphate-free zirconium-based processes that replace conventional iron phosphating and zinc phosphating. It produces extremely thin, high-quality oxide and zirconium/titanium coatings on iron, zinc and aluminum substrates. Thin film processes are already successfully used in industries such as automotive and agricultural machinery, both for passivation purposes and for optimal paint pretreatment.

The DECORRDAL 900 and DECORRDAL 600 series reduce chemical use, energy consumption and lower your operating costs.

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