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Oxsilan® Thin-Film Technology
A product of: Chemetall GmbH
The Oxsilan® technology is an eco-friendly and multi-metal pretreatment process. The more stringent environmental legislation as well as the ever more varied metal combinations in applications are giving traditional phosphating processes a hard time. With the Oxsilan® technology, a state-of-the-art alternative is now available which is used successfully in a variety of industries for several years. In terms of quality, it is comparable to the zinc phosphating process, and with a view to its technical and economic feasibility, the new technology offers several advantages like lower process costs, higher productivity, excellent quality and lower risk for safety, health and environment. The Oxsilan® technology has been formulated to provide a range of products that are compatible with all conventional wet and powder coating processes and can be used as replacement of zinc- and iron-phosphating, prior to painting, bare corrosion protection or passivation.

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