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MM31®: Cleaning, degreasing, corrosion protection and paint adhesion in 1 simple process step
A product of: AD Chemicals B.V.
MM31® is a one-step pre-treatment product for both cleaning/degreasing and applying a chemical pre-treatment. It combines the worlds of mechanical and chemical pre-treatment. By applying MM31 ® directly after a mechanical pre-treatment, a clean, ready to coat surface and a quality improvement of the coated substrate on both corrosion protection and paint adhesion properties is achieved.  Multi-metal: can be applied on steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel, a.o.

MM31 ® creates a conversion layer that improves adhesion of powdercoating or wet paint and corrosion protection properties.
Flash rust resistance on steel, white rust protection on zinc, improved bare metal corrosion resistance on aluminum
Allows an extended storage time prior to coating up to 48 hours
Replace solvents in the business process with a user-friendly and non-aggressive chemical.
Waterbased, Chrome (VI) Free, Free of Hazard Symbols

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