14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

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CALDAN Conveyor A/S

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CALDAN Conveyor A/S is a worldwide leading supplier of conveyor systems for the surface treatment and materials handling industry. The company is located in Denmark, and is a well-established, modern technology company with 60 years of industry experience. CALDAN designs, manufactures & installs internal transport systems for automated painting processes & materials handling worldwide. CALDAN displays remarkable growth rates and has twice been awarded the prestigious “Gazelle Prize”. In addition, the CALDAN Group is financially well-funded and has a long-standing AAA rating. CALDAN has subsidiaries in Germany, England, France, USA, China and India and a staff of 160 dedicated employees. Since 2020 we are part of the Swedish industrial group Axel Johnson International AB.

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Mr. Managing Director Frank Berg
CALDAN Conveyor A/S


Frankfurter Straße 7
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Tel.: +49 6621 795790

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CALDAN Conveyor A/S

Roeddikvej 91
8464 Galten

Tel.: +45 8694 7071

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