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27/01/2022 PaintExpo Gema Switzerland GmbH

Gema Switzerland GmbH

OptiFlex® Pro - Power - Quality - Control

Gema brings high performance to manual powder coating! The PowerBoost function of the new OptiFlex Pro series delivers 110 kV high voltage and 110 µA charging current at the touch of a button. With this full increase in power, any coating, even with the most difficult powders, can be applied quickly and safely. The OptiFlex Pro units are uncompromisingly and agilely designed for maximum industrial suitability and intuitive ergonomic operation. The newly developed PowerBoost technology of the OptiFlex Pro series offers the highest powder charging capacity in the powder coating industry with 110 kV while ensuring the highest possible safety standard. PowerBoost is the integrated interaction of OptiSelect Pro gun, OptiStar 4.0 control and flat spray nozzle. The components newly developed by Gema and designed for PowerBoost result in a high total area output with clever fan expansion of the powder cloud. The high coating performance, precise control with the proven DVC and PCC functions and the modern nozzle range make the new OptiFlex generation the ideal solution for every application. All OptiFlex Pro units are equipped with OptiStar 4.0 controls as standard and are compatible with the Gema E-App. Coaters and production managers can check productivity and maintenance data and call up configuration and system information via smartphone. The concept and material selection for the new OptiSelect Pro gun have been fundamentally revised for the PowerBoost high-performance technology. The activation of the PowerBoost directly at the gun enables the coater to use the extra power anytime and anywhere. Despite the integrated power pack for generating up to 110 kV high voltages, the gun is light and balanced and at the same time robust and durable. The OptiSelect Pro and the nozzle range are fully ATEX certified.



Source: Gema Switzerland GmbH

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