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27/01/2022 PaintExpo Gema Switzerland GmbH

Gema Switzerland GmbH

OptiCenter® All-in-One - The first powder center that combines electrostatics and powder feeding

The system is equipped with the latest generation of OptiStar All-in-One controls, which combine electrostatics and powder feed in a single, compact unit. The injector sits directly on the control unit, eliminating all pneumatic lines between injector and control. This results in space-saving system integration into the powder management center, from where up to 36 guns can be controlled and supplied with powder. The elimination of the voluminous control cabinet reduces the footprint of the OptiCenter massively. The OptiFlow injectors with their unique single-component cartridge design form a single unit with the controls and are integrated directly into the OptiSpeeder powder hopper. The new injector features a long-term constant powder flow and only one wear part, which reduces maintenance and repair costs. The heart of the OptiCenter All-in-One is the OptiSpeeder (powder hopper), which conditions the powder optimally by fluidization. The enlarged and inclined container opening offers a clear view into every corner of the container. This improves control, even during operation. An infinitely variable level detection continuously monitors the powder level and continuously doses the powder supply. The switchover between recovery operation and loss-making operation is fully automatic and without time-consuming hose replugging. The efficient cleaning of the powder container is fully automatic. The operation and monitoring of the powder application, the powder supply and the fully automatic colour change is carried out via the enlarged 7" touch screen of the intuitive OptiControl control system. With the OptiCenter powder management system and the integrated OptiStar All-in-One control system, users benefit from fast color changes, stable coating results, clean working conditions, intuitive operation and trouble-free maintenance. The system is delivered pre-assembled and ready for operation.



Source: Gema Switzerland GmbH

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