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02/03/2022 PaintExpo

PaintExpo 2022: The Industrial Coating Industry Presents Its Innovations

The eighth edition of PaintExpo will take place from 26–29 April 2022 in Karlsruhe and offer visitors countless premiers showing for the first time anywhere in the world, in Germany or at a trade fair. Anyone working in contract coating, for in-house coating companies or otherwise involved in the coating technology industry can look forward to experiencing a wide variety of groundbreaking innovations live for the first time. All this serves to confirm the position of the world's leading trade fair for industrial coating technology as the most significant platform for the industry. With more than 400 exhibitors from 27 countries, it represents the entire industrial coating technology and surface coating supply chain.

"PaintExpo exhibitors are coming to the world's leading trade fair for industrial coating technology with an explosion of innovations. The who's who of the industry will be presenting their innovative strength and highlighting trends in improving quality, efficiency, and flexibility. Visitors will be shown practical solutions for the sustainability and digitalisation of their production processes. Everything is coming together beautifully for a tremendous on-site event in Karlsruhe with personal trade discussions, concrete project planning and investments in the future," says a pleased Markus Geisenberger, Managing Director of Leipziger Messe. He continues: "Thanks to the latest COVID-19 regulations issued by the state of Baden-Württemberg, which expressly permit trade fairs again, a framework is now in place for a safe and successful PaintExpo. Exhibitors will be presenting their very best services and products. Visitors can look forward to four days of high-quality contacts and inspiring innovations."

New products on display at PaintExpo cover the entire range of industrial coatings. From wet coatings and powder coatings to coil coatings, this unique global showcase for industrial coating technology encompasses coating solutions for all industries, applications and materials. From surface preparation to coatings and spraying production lines right through to final quality control, visitors to Karlsruhe will experience both evolution and revolution in processing and materials.

Development of a Worldwide Unique Sanding Process

Mirka is introducing a patent-pending industry solution for automatic sanding, for example. The company is presenting its intelligent sander for industrial robots which is an electrical, automatised orbital sander that can be integrated into the robotic systems of OEMs. The low-maintenance device is particularly suitable for sanding processes where the work is demanding and a high level of precision is required.

Mirka also hopes to win over visitors with its new Iridium SR abrasive. Its efficient grains produce a cut and scratch pattern that is fast and easy to polish out. The abrasive is geared towards vehicle and transport manufacturing as well as the finest finishing stages of automotive refinishing and collision repair. It provides optimal results when sanding clearcoat, topcoat and special lacquers as well as composites.

Innovative Coatings for Better Wind Turbine Performance

At the FreiLacke exhibition stand, visitors will experience completely new approaches to coatings for wind turbines. The company is putting forward four innovations at once. With its new combined coating system for onshore towers, the concrete segments of the usually 100-meter or higher turbines receive a long-lasting functional coating that prevents so-called "concrete bleeding," thus extending the turbine's long-term stability.

FreiLacke will also demonstrate an environmentally-friendly and sustainable coating system for lightly constructed nacelles in wind turbines. Additionally, the company will present a newly-developed modular edge protection coating for wind turbine rotor blades. This is needed because the front edges of rotor blades are especially prone to erosion. The quartet of innovations is rounded off with further optimised coating systems that are particularly suitable for protecting wind turbine hubs. These systems offer high corrosion protection and maximum resistance to different temperatures as well as chemical and mechanical influences.

Exciting Evolution in Spraying Production Lines

There will also be world premiers to marvel at in the area of coating lines. For example, Ventherm is presenting its coating robot for heavy industry featuring automatic programming and 3D scanning. This new solution offers the option of scanning each unpainted surface in 3D without interrupting production in order to calculate the optimal coating route.

Finnish supplier Pekotek is focusing on flexibility. Its transportable 2-in-1 multipurpose booth lets you blast, coat and dry all in the same chamber and virtually anywhere. A mix of mobility and flexibility that is ready to use in less than 48 hours.

ASIS is positioning itself as a general contractor for automatised spraying lines. Its turnkey coating lines will therefore be taking centre stage at PaintExpo. The company hopes to impress visitors with its competency by showing new in-house developments in application, control, and process technologies, as well as digitalisation and simulation.

EBS Licher Oberflächentechnik also aims to impress. With its ACD – Automatic Colour Disposition – the company is presenting a fully automatic colour-changing station for powder coating using robots and a maximum of two guns. The system is capable of delivering between two and 20 powder coatings to the gun fully automatically.

Impressive Quality and Effective Coating Removal

At the ISRA VISION exhibition stand, you can see how flawless quality control works. A robot-assisted and automatised inspection will make subjective quality control by employees a thing of the past. The new and innovative system is guaranteed to move precisely across each item, thus ensuring objective and consistent inspections of paint surfaces, especially in the automotive industry. This saves costs and improves painting quality.

If paint ever needs to be removed again, Pyro is ready to assist with its pyrolysis oven. The Belgian company offers a wide assortment of complete systems for cleaning hooks, plates, and other coated components in the powder and wet coatings industry. The pyrolysis oven is particularly suitable for removing all the layers of paint on coated steel products.

Directory of Exhibitors and Products Available and Ticket Shop Open Online Now

Many more exciting innovations from global industry leaders, established medium-sized companies, and young startups can be found in the directory of exhibitors and products on the PaintExpo website. Visitors can now order tickets for the trade fair via the online ticket shop.

About PaintExpo

The next edition of PaintExpo will take place in Karlsruhe from 26 to 29 April 2022. The world's leading trade fair for industrial coating technology is part of the Leipziger Messe portfolio and offers a showcase for innovation, applications, future technologies and trends in all areas of the coating industry. PaintExpo will cover the entire range of international products and services in the industrial coating technology supply chain. This concentrated meeting for companies from the industry is unparalleled worldwide, making it highly attractive for coating service providers and in-house coating companies around the world.


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