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28/02/2024 PaintExpo

TIGER Coatings Presents Numerous Highlights at PaintExpo 2024

TIGER Coatings will be exhibiting powder coating highlights such as its highly weather-resistant TIGER Drylac Series 68 and the energy-saving, low-temperature powder coatings in its TIGER Drylac Series 18 at the world's leading trade fair for industrial coating technology. In addition, visitors to the TIGER Coatings exhibition booth can also find out more about digital printing solutions.

TIGER will be presenting highlights from its portfolio of highly weather-resistant TIGER Drylac Series 68 powder coatings at PaintExpo 2024. According to the company, these finishes meet GSB International and QUALICOAT standards for coating steel, galvanised steel and aluminium. The TIGER Drylac Series 18 low-temperature powder coating was created in response to increases in gas and energy costs. The product requires lower curing and substrate temperatures, giving users environmental and economic benefits.

TIGER Digital Finishes allows users to coat rendered objects with powder and create a realistic image with just the click of a mouse. The digital colours and effects in .axf, .kmp and .exr file formats are based on real scans and can be "tried on" virtually.

With TIGITAL Inks, TIGER also offers industrial digital printing solutions for use on both the inside and outside of buildings. The technology can be used to create customised, large-scale production with dynamic adaptation of the client's requirements. The inks, primers and topcoats have been developed with a focus on durability as well as UV, colour and chemical resistance and can be used on various substrates such as paper and cardboard, metal, glass, wood, concrete and plastics.

TIGITAL Tattoo combines the features of TIGER powder coatings with the benefits of electrophotographic digital printing. The new generation of thermotransfer technology enables images to be printed in a sharp, photorealistic resolution of 1200 dpi on various substrates such as glass, aluminium or concrete, the company explains.

Furthermore, TIGER is driving innovation with duroplastics for use in SLS 3D printing. These products are insulating, flame- and drip-resistant, self-extinguishing and dimensionally stable and can be printed using processing temperatures lower than 75 °C.

Photo: TIGER Coatings
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