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23/01/2024 PaintExpo

New Rotamat for Coating Sealing Components Used in E-Mobility

At PaintExpo 2024, Walther Trowal will be presenting the new Rotamat R 100 for the first time. The new R 100 system is designed for coating elastomer sealing components with bonded and decorative coatings and is able to coat three times as many parts per batch as the next-largest Rotamat in the series. According to the company, one of the reasons why they developed the new machine is because several contract coaters were looking for ways to process greater numbers of large, flat seals in a single batch.

The Rotamats of Walther Trowal are often used for coating O-rings and flat gaskets such as those used to seal the individual cells in battery packs and in fuel cells, engines and gearboxes.

The demand from contractors for larger coating machines has risen sharply as the need to coat large sealing components for cooling circuits and controls for EVs in particular continues to grow. The new Rotamat R 100 meets this need with a capacity of 160 litres or 100 kg. Per batch, it can coat some 300 sealing rings with a diameter of up to 350 mm or as many as 50,000 O-rings. Walther Trowal has thus increased capacity for contract coaters by a factor of three when compared to the previous R 85 model. The process takes the same amount of time and the R 100 only needs slightly more energy and space.

"In the past, our customers have usually used our Rotamats for coating O-rings. However, EVs increasingly need large elastomer sealing elements with a greater surface area for batteries and cooling circuits with heat exchangers", says Frank Siegel, Head of Sales for Coating Technology at Walther Trowal.

The new Rotamat can also be used to apply decorative coatings to plastic parts, including those made from ABS and polyethylene, and for thin metal washers such as shaft sealing rings measuring up to 300 mm in diameter that can be coated with a binder before elastomers are applied.

Furthermore, the company has extended the number of possible sealing component coating applications for its Rotamats by adding options such as coatings with oils, wax and slow-drying paints.

Photo: Walther Trowal
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