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23/01/2024 PaintExpo

MagicControl – Paving the Way to Industry 4.0

The new generation MagicControl 4.0 control system made by Gema Switzerland makes the coating process easier to manage. All functions for the powder coating system, the axes and the entire booth system can be smoothly controlled and vital data can be accessed at any time. The control system provides an automation interface in powder coating and ensures intelligent networking for all application components.

According to Gema Switzerland, the control system means production processes can be optimised for more efficient line management. The comprehensive functions offered by MagicControl 4.0 can be used in all situations requiring a high-quality coating that can be reproduced at any time and whenever superior coating quality is needed for particularly complex components.

Using the control system allows all stages of the coating process to be easily managed. This includes monitoring warnings and error messages, saving application programmes and allocating passwords. The touch screen has self-explanatory icons making it easy to understand and intuitive to use for everyone, Gema Switzerland reports. The parameter settings can be adapted in each case to different types of coating powder. This results in a consistent surface quality and minimum powder use.

Selected operating data can be saved in an external database called "GemaConnect". This ensures that vital application data is readily available for each coating process.

According to Gema Switzerland, it is easy and uncomplicated to integrate MagicControl 4.0 into existing systems and production infrastructures. It can be built into a control cabinet or used as a stand-alone console wherever the coating process takes place.

Photo: Gema Switzerland
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