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23/01/2024 PaintExpo

Hard Shell, Precise Core – The New DMP® Series from Fischer

Precision measurement can be experienced first-hand at PaintExpo 2024 in Karlsruhe, where Helmut Fischer, a full-service provider of innovative measurement technology for quality assurance of painted and coated surfaces, will be presenting its comprehensive product portfolio and advising users on how to approach various measurement tasks.

At the world's leading trade fair for industrial coating technology, the company will be showcasing numerous devices for measuring coating thickness and strength as well as for analysing and testing materials used in painting and coating. Fischer is expected to focus firmly on the new DMP® series at their exhibition stand. With these devices, the company says it is setting new standards in the tactile and non-destructive coating thickness measurement of magnetisable and non-magnetisable base materials.

Anyone using convenient DMP® instruments is sure to be impressed by the robust, modern design and easy handling as well as the new software for generating comprehensive reports and statistics. The measuring devices also have a whole lot more to offer, including an IP64-rated, all-aluminium housing, a scratch-resistant display with gorilla glass, value limit indication via light, sound and vibration, a replaceable and quickly rechargeable battery and easy data transmission via USB-C and Bluetooth.

The DUALSCOPE®, DELTASCOPE® and ISOSCOPE® models are specially designed to meet almost any challenge in the painting and coating industry as well as numerous other sectors. They provide accurate and reliable measurement results for the thinnest of coatings and when measuring in positions that are difficult to access as well as on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, all devices in the DMP® series are available with Fischer's new digital probes. The devices can also still be used with the analogue probes, the exhibitor explains.

Interested visitors can try out all Fischer's devices, probes and software at the exhibition stand of the company at PaintExpo 2024. They can also find out all about the various measuring options, measuring techniques and areas of application offered by the new DMP® series.

Photo: Helmut Fischer
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