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25/03/2024 PaintExpo

Faster Implementation of Robotic Sanding in Practice

Mirka is based in Finland and specialises in surface treatment. At PaintExpo 2024, the company will be presenting an additional component for automated sanding. The Mirka AutoChanger is a smart robotised solution for reliably changing abrasives in an automated process, making it much easier to operate robotic sanding systems.

When producing parts in an industrial setting, a flawless and reproducible sanding result is an essential element of the process. This means that the replacement of abrasives also needs to be carried out smoothly without any room for error.

Mirka has developed a special AutoChanger system for changing abrasive discs in an automated sanding process. The system can be used with the Mirka AIROS 650CV and AIROS 350CV sanding heads.

The safe, modular and intuitive Mirka AutoChanger is available for 77 mm and 150 mm sanding heads. When using the Mirka AutoChanger, the robotic sanding head is programmed to pick up a new abrasive from the AutoChanger magazine, which is loaded with abrasive cartridges. After performing the sanding operation for the specified number of times, the sanding head discards the abrasive using a special tool and replaces it with a new abrasive. Sanding can therefore be continued with fully functional abrasives without any need to interrupt the process.

The Mirka AutoChange system is a modular solution. This flexibility enables seamless integration with both new and existing automated sanding systems. Furthermore, it can be customised to fit the unique needs of each sanding application. Suitable for dry sanding, the system also works with mesh materials, foam-based materials and multi-perforation sanding discs. According to the company, customers using this system can benefit from an uninterrupted industrial abrasive process with perfect sanding results.

Photo: Mirka
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