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23/01/2024 PaintExpo

DUO A 22 – The Innovation in Air-Assisted Airless Technology

The new DUO A 22 of Krautzberger is designed for rapid and precise on/off switching times as well as a near-perfect spray pattern with low overspray and high material efficiency. These benefits are the result of a new preliminary and post-air control system together with innovative details, low weight and an advanced air nozzle system.

According to Krautzberger, the DUO A 22 has a new needle seal pack (cartridge system) that is quick and simple to change, making it very easy to maintain while offering a high degree of user comfort. The DUO A 22 thus provides highly precise, reproducible coating results, particularly in sophisticated, fully automatic coating systems, the PaintExpo 2024 exhibitor reports.

Krautzberger goes on to explain that the features of the automatic spray equipment include an innovative patent-pending preliminary and post-air control system with optimum on/off switching performance and near-perfect spray results. On top of this, the DUO A 22 can help to save materials and significantly reduce overspray thanks to the faster opening and closing speeds of the spray nozzle.

Krautzberger lists additional features, including the availability of various types of adapters and connectors, the easy maintenance of the DUO A 22 and the fact that it is held in place on a dovetail mounting, allowing it to be accurately positioned and flexibly adapted to all kinds of fastening systems.

Photo: Krautzberger
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