14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

02/02/2024 PaintExpo

Rhopoint Instruments

Rhopoint Instruments introduces the Rhopoint Aesthetix IVS: Marrying Perception-Based Measurement with Established Standards

Rhopoint Instruments, a recognized leader in the realm of appearance measurement, is delighted to announce the arrival of its most recent innovation, the Rhopoint Aesthetix IVS (Instrument Vision System). Deriving its name from "Aisthēsis", the Greek word for "perception", the image-based device combines the high-tech prowess of dual camera technology while offering a new level of appearance measurement to describe how technical quality aspects are perceived by consumers. In a harmonious blend of traditional and state-of-the-art technology, the Rhopoint Aesthetix not only pioneers perception-based measurement but also offers backward compatibility with existing international standards. This compatibility ensures that users can transition seamlessly to advanced technology while maintaining continuity with their established processes and protocols.

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