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Exhibitor Press Release

21/12/2023 PaintExpo


Replacing catalytic radiators with metal fiber radiators to improve the efficiency of existing installations

Improving existing production lines for enhanced profitability is a shared goal, often achieved through new plant or technology investments. When this is impractical, the focus shifts to optimizing existing installations. Eratec emphasizes the key role of heat transfer in powder coating lines to boost productivity or reduce energy consumption. Eratec's solution involves metal fiber infrared gas emitters, offering high efficiency and flexibility. These emitters, using commercial, recycled, or biogas, enhance surface treatment processes at a lower cost. The company recommends installing metal fiber radiators upstream on existing lines for dust suppression, gelation, and temperature rise, often replacing less efficient catalytic radiators. Catalytic emitters' drawbacks, such as limited lifespan, maintenance issues, and slow ignition, make them less favorable. Metal fiber radiators, in contrast, prove energy-efficient, durable, compact, and environmentally friendly, reducing heat loss and operating costs. A case study on a car component manufacturer's line illustrates the benefits of replacing catalytic emitters with Eratec's metal fiber emitters. The modifications resulted in a 30% increase in line speed, 25% reduction in energy consumption, 90% lower maintenance costs, and an oven utilization rate exceeding 95%. In conclusion, the adoption of metal fiber radiators in powder paint baking ovens provides advantages in finish quality, energy efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability. This makes them a prudent choice for companies seeking to enhance their powder paint curing process, achieving increased productivity and energy savings with low maintenance costs.

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