14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

21/12/2023 PaintExpo


Energy efficient alkaline cleaner: CONDORINE SG 515 BT

Condoroil is proud to present the best pretreatment cycle prior to painting process. It consists of two innovative chemical products, a low temperature Cleaner – CONDORINE SG 515 BT and a Passivating Agent CONDORCOAT AL 91 Condorine SG 515 BT and Condorcoat Al 91 cut energy costs substantially due to lower operational temperatures allowing the user to reduce operational costs and even enhance corrosion resistance (ISO EN 9227) on painted parts. Condorine SG 515 BT is a liquid, one component cleaner, designed to work at low temperature (35°C) with good degreasing properties and without foaming. It is suitable to pre-painting treatment on steel, zinc or aluminium substrates. It can also be easily regenerated with Condoroil UF system Minerva. The product does not produce any sludge and it prevents spray ramps nozzles from clogging. Condorcoat Al 91 is a new technology passivation, working at room temperature, based on combination of silane and zirconium compounds, giving to the parts an excellent corrosion protection. Despite being no rinse and chrome free, it does not cause any flash corrosion phenomena. It can be applied by dip, spray or even by fogging or nebulizing system.

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