14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

21/12/2023 PaintExpo

ALIT Technologies srl

Drizzling : dosing and nebulization system

It is a brand new dosing and nebulization system for the application of chrome free products and nanotechnological passivation products on metal surfaces. Thanks to DRIZZLING the concentrate solution of liquid passivation products will be continuously and in line diluted with an exact amount of demineralised water, and directly sprayed on parts to be treated. DRIZZLING allows the precise and continuous mixing of demineralised water and passivating product. This creates an always fresh and pollutant free solution, which is directly nebulised onto the metal surfaces to be treated. ADVANTAGES: - No need for a recirculating passivation tank: thanks to the low volume of solution sprayed onto the workpieces, a tank is no longer required to collect the solution for continuous recovery and re spraying; - Ever clean solution: thanks to the reduced volumes of atomized solution, the Drizzling system allows using an ever fresh, “disposable” - No disposal of passivating solutions due to their ageing: possibility of converting chromate conversion coating lines to chrome free lines easily and with guaranteed success; - Minimum space requirements , as the demineralized water feeding tank can be installed outside the line, if a process tank cannot be used. Moreover, the system can be easily mounted within an existing tunnel.

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