14 - 17 April 2026 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo

Exhibitor Press Release

21/12/2023 PaintExpo

ALIT Technologies srl

FASTRIP ISP in line chemical stripping system for hooks

FASTRIP ISP is the complete system for the in line chemical stripping of hooks installed on overhead conveyors of powder coating lines. Thanks to FASTRIP ISP, it is possible to in line paint stripping hooks , and in some cases frames, without removing them from the chain. The hooks to be stripped are always hanged on to the overhead conveyor , but they are partially immersed in the paint stripping tank during their passage. The immersion stage lasts 3 minutes, a suitable time to completely remove the layer of powder paint. With FASTRIP ISP the hooks remain always hang on the conveyor. In the coating plant, after the position of unloading area, the hooks flow through the FASTRIP ISP tank, and when they exit from the tank they are completely paint strip. ADVANTAGES: - The hooks are constantly and cyclically paint stripped. - Reduction of the manual labor otherwise required to replace the painted hooks. - No more operators that remove the painted hooks and re install on the conveyor the clean ones. - Reduction of paint defects - Higher quality - Cost reduction

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