9 - 12 April 2024 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo
Master Remover® 7000

Outsourcing paint removal activities leads to lengthy lead times and increased capital, requiring duplicate sets of components to maintain normal plant operation. Identifying a safe and economical in-house alternative to conventional methods is critical for paint applicators.
Master Remover® 7000 is a robust and rapid paint removal process for hooks, racks and fixtures. It is compatible with ferrous and light metals (aluminum, zinc, magnesium). Easily utilizable in conjunction with proprietary filtration it provides long solution life, offering a sustainable and flexible paint removal process.
It was developed with the highest level of versatility in mind. Capable
of operation in spray or immersion as well as off-line or in-line applications.
Atotech’s Master Remover® 7000 process provides a sustainable paint removal solution for powder paint applicators globally. The process is a 100% first pass removal process that eliminates off-line part cleaning with very minimum waste generation.


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