9 - 12 April 2024 in Karlsruhe PaintExpo
Blastman Robots Generation 4.0
A Produkt of: Blastman Robotics Ltd

No compromises

 Most of all defects when painting metal components can be traced back to poor substrate preparation. A reliable pre-treatment process, which reproducibly achieves the cleanliness and roughness of the component surface required for painting, guarantees the best possible adhesion and long service life. This can be achieved with robots specially developed for this purpose, which can use all blasting media in all grain sizes and shapes as well as the optimal blasting distance and angle. In Hall 2 - Booth 2146 of the PaintExpo, Blastman Robotics is presenting the 4th generation of its innovative blasting robots. These contain offline programming software specially developed for blasting robots, which has automatic program generation from the 3D data of the component and a simulation tool for a visual representation of the blasting process.


Mr. Sales Manager Heiko Reski
Blastman Robotics Ltd