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We, FairFair GmbH, Max-Eyth-Str. 19, 72644 Oberboihingen, Germany, utilize the technical platform and services of Oath (EMEA) Limited (vormals als Yahoo! EMEA Limited bezeichnet), 5-7 Point Square, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Irland (hereinafter called "the Provider") for the Flickr news service offered here (hereinafter called "the Service"):

You do not need to use this Service to contact us or receive our information. The information that we publish via this Service can also be viewed on the following pages in the same or similar form:

In addition, you can contact us at any time via

We would therefore like to point out that you use the Service offered here and its functionalities at your own risk. This applies in particular to the use of interactive Flickr functions, such as sharing or commenting on information.

The data collected about you when using the Service is processed by the Provider and may be forwarded to countries outside the European Union. We have no influence on the type and scope of data processed by the Provider, or on the way it is processed and used or disclosed to third parties, in particular to countries outside the European Union.

Information on the data processed by the Provider and the purposes for which it is used can be found in the Privacy Policy of the Service, which can be viewed at the following address:

However, the Provider claims to have acceded to data processing agreements based on standard EU contractual clauses.

Information on the data processed by the Provider and the purposes for which it is used can be found in the Privacy Policy of the Service, which can be viewed at the following address: and

This mainly concerns the following data:

Email address,

Location information, such as
Where the photo was taken
Device-related information, such as
Make and model of the camera you used to take the photo
GPS coordinates

Server protocol information, such as
IP address,
Properties of the software and hardware used
Properties of the requested page
Browser type,
Operating system

Please note that the Provider also receives data from you if you have not created a profile for the Service yourself but visit websites and apps of third parties that use the Provider's services or which offer services together with the Provider. This includes, for example, information about the websites and apps you visit, or interactions with advertisers.

The use of cookies and similar technologies also enable your visits to these web pages to be recorded and assigned to your profile. This data can be used to tailor content or advertising to your requirements.

You can use the Ad Interest Manager to control which ads the Provider displays to you on other websites and in widgets and apps:

Information on the way in which the provider uses the data from your visit to the Service for its own purposes or forwards it to third parties can also be found in the Service's Privacy Policy at:

You can edit the confidentiality and security of your account at the following link: For information on how to manage or delete information about yourself, please see:

For more information about privacy settings, please see:

You can also set your browser to block all cookies, including cookies from the provider, or to display a message when a cookie is set by the provider. In addition, you can use the settings available there to restrict access by the Service to contact and calendar data, photos, location data, etc. on mobile devices. However, this varies according to the operating system you are using.

We do not collect or process any data from your use of the Service ourselves. However, should we share or respond to your comments, or write postings that refer to your profile, we will also process the data you enter in the Service, in particular your (user) name and the content published under your account, to the extent that this is included in our offer and made available to our fans.

You can find the current version of this Privacy Policy at:

If you have any questions about the information we offer, you can contact us at any time at Here you can also exercise your rights as an affected person according to Art. 15 ff. of the German Data Protection Act DSGVO (right to information, right to correction, deletion, restriction of processing, right to data transfer, right of objection).


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