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11/01/2022 PaintExpo Xtrutech


XTS Fines Compactor

Xtrutech have officially released the XTS Compactor, which is our latest innovation in fines recycling for the powder coating industry. Our machine has been designed to effectively reduce waste by compacting fines and reintroducing them to the mill as chips. Typically, between 2% and 10% of fines are produced during the milling process either in the bag house or 2nd cyclone. This means during a 5000kg batch which produces 3% fines, approximately 150kgs of raw material is lost. If we estimate the cost of raw materials at £3.50 per kg this equals a £525 deficit in every batch. Xtrutech’s Compactor aims to tackle waste by recycling these fines, offering a product yield of up to 99.5%. How does this work? The first 1,000 kgs through the mill produce 30kgs of fines which are used to clean the bag house or cyclone, they will be contaminated but can be compacted and used in other products. As a result, approximately *£420 can be saved on every 5000kg batch. *150kg-30kg x £3.50 = £420. The XTS Fines Compactor is invisible to the plant, it sits in line with the mill and only compacts when it is given material. It receives fines via the diverter valve, which is then fed through to the compacting rolls, reaching the kibbler to be cut into chips. The compacted chips are then reintroduced to the mill. The compactor also features a diverter valve to the scrap bag, so the mill is not affected if the compactor isn’t running. The XTS Compactor provides a discreet and effective solution to fines waste, offering measurable cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved sustainability. To learn more or to find out if our compactor is right for you, visit stand number 1536 or contact us via sales@xtrutech.com

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Source: Xtrutech

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