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13/01/2022 PaintExpo Vosschemie GmbH

Vosschemie GmbH


SandRob is an automated system both for surface preparation before the painting process (SANDING, GRINDING) and for finishing (POLISHING). Easy to use and Developed for working on complex shapes, SandRob guarantees steady level surface quality and reduces process times and costs. It also prevents your workers from strenuous manual work and reduces the contact with unhealthy dusts. With more than 90 systems installed, your solution can be chosen among others already in place. The company Roboticom is a specialized in developing custom robotic systems, based on innovative hardware solutions and easy programming software. As by 2021, Roboticom counts 280 Robotic systems running in 30 countries Worldwide.

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Source: Vosschemie GmbH

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